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Return to Work Safety Assessments

It's your responsibilty to protect your employees.

Post Covid-19 Workplace

Covid-19 has brought about about many changes in work dynamics. The potential spread of the virus, employees working from home or transitioning back to working in the office, childcare facilities being limited amongst many other potentially stressful situations. It is the duty of an employer to ensure that their employees are not just safe but also feel a strong sense of security within the working environment. 

AthenaCX is the perfect solution as unobtrusive way to stay in the know about employee symptom levels as well as mindset. Send short questionnaires directly to employees phones via their notifications and ask questions and different times throughout the workday to get a better understanding of how they're feeling.  


How it works


Create a study in our Design Studio. Specify a schedule pattern for your employees to receive notifications directly to their phone during work hours (e.g. daily at 11am and 2pm).


The research signs up to the workplace surveys via the AthenaCX mobile app. They will now have access to the questionaires . You can run your research as anonymous studies if you wish.


The participant will now receive notifications directly to their phone according to the specified schedule which you have created using our super-easy Design Studio. You can add or tweak surveys at any time too. 

Use Case

Suzanne, the HR manager of a small IT firm has just opened back up the workplace. She is still taking precautionary measures so the company have implemented split shifts for the first 3 months of returning. Suzanne thinks it would be a good idea to gage the stress levels of the staff. She uses the AthenaCX platform to create a short and simple survey for measuring the stress levels of the staff during these unorthodox times. Every day a 11 o'clock and 3 o'clock she triggers these short questionnaires. 

Suzanne notices that one of the software developers, Sarah, is reporting higher levels of stress each day that she is in the office. She also notices that her productivity seems to be higher on the days that she works from home. She notices that another employee, Nick is having the reverse problem. He is more stressed and less productive.

Instead of splitting shifts between Sarah and Nick, she invites Sarah to work from home; and nick from the office 5 days a week which they both gladly accept. Both of their stress levels improve and their overall production levels rise significantally.

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