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Need data from a 3rd party application or wearable as part of your study?
Smart Watch
Connect to thousands of data sources through our integration with HumanAPI. Combine your wearable data with your survey data and collect everything in one simple platform.


If you want to incorporate Fitbit data into your study, AthenaCX is the the platform for you. We've experience working on several national and international Fitbit-connected studies.  Through our platform you can distribute studies which integrate with Fitbit wearables. AthenaCX enables you to collect intra-day Fitbit data from your participant's and to trigger and schedule specific questionnaires based directly off of a participant's collected dynamic health and activity data.


How it works


Create a study in our Design Studio which integrates with Fitbit devices. Select the data categories you would like to collect and specify any conditions which will trigger specific questionnaires.


The participant signs up to the study via the AthenaCX mobile app. They will receive any questionnaires inherent in the study. While they are active, their Fitbit data will be collected along with all other data.


The participant's activity has met one of your specified conditions. Your specific questions which have been tailored directly to your participant's Fitbit data will now be triggered and everything gathered, in one dataset.

Use Case

A researcher is investigating early signs of flare-ups among rheumatoid arthritis (RA) sufferers. They monitor a large group of RA patients. In a previous study they have highlighted a link between changes in physical activity and the subsequent onset of flare-ups of the disease. The researchers wish to experiment with an intervention so that each time a participant's step count falls below 20% of their average step count for 3 days in a row, the researcher triggers a daily notification and survey to both collect data on symptoms and to encourage behavioural change in terms of therapeutic engagement. 

The researcher has now used the participant's Fitbit data to investigate further and get more detailed look at an important issue for their study without needing the participant to carry out unnecessary tasks which mitigates the risk of survey fatigue.

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