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Onboarding Support

Get all the info you need right here. If need some more help, get in touch.

1. Contact

Get in touch with us by filling out the proposal form which is situated on the 'Pricing' page. Provide the information about your study to give us a bit more information about your current requirements. We will set up a call with you and get some information off you in order to create your account credentials. Once you have been given your credentials, you will be able to access the AthenaCX Design Studio via this link.

2. Refinement

After having our initial chat we will have a series of further discussions in order to nail down the requirements for your project. After clearly defining the scope we will create the first tests.

3. Testing

We will carry out a series of test studies with you to ensure the design is working effectively for your requirements.

4. Launch

We will create the tested study which is ready for collecting your much needed data. We will provide you with a list of IDs for you to distribute to the participants in your study. Your responses will be collected and you will have access in your dashboard to view all of the incoming data.

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