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Simple, yet sophisticated.
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Staged E-Consent

Need to collect consent in a simple, safe and secure manner?  AthenaConsent enables you to easily create and distribute consent surveys in a matter of minutes. Works perfectly for studies being carried out in both an online and offline capacity.


Ensure that your consent collection can stand up to IRB scrutiny by implementing a thorough and robust 'staged consent' flow. 

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How it works


Create a study in our Design Studio. Draft your consent questions using the simple interface and create an identifier for your study so your participants can access it. 


Participants download the AthenaCX mobile application from the Play Store or the App Store. They log-in using identifier that you've created and start answering your consent terms.


You can now start your study. Your participant's agreement is stored safely for you on the cloud so you can put your mind at ease and focus on making groundbreaking discoveries. 


Single platform, single dataset.

Does your study consist of online surveys? AthenaCX is the perfect solution for you. Use AthenaCX as your primary data collection tool and bring your consent and data collection all into one platform.


Automatically trigger surveys for your participants once they've agreed to your consent terms, making everything easier for not only you but more importantly, your participants.

All your data collected through one platform.

Don't like reading? See what we're about.

Use Case

Sophie, a PhD student is conducting a research project investigating mental wellness and eating habits during lockdown in Ireland. Her study consists of a daily diary that will ask participants questions on their mental wellness levels while collecting their food data through use of MyFitnessPal. Sophie cannot collect any information from participants before collecting 'staged consent' from each individual. Sophie uses AthenaCX in order to streamline the entire data collection process for both her and the research subjects.

Sophie designs her study so that when the participant downloads the study, they will first be asked a consent survey. If the participant agrees to each term, AthenaCX activates the daily diary each night for four weeks. The participant can then connect to their MyFitnessPal to the AthenaCX application and Sophie can now access it through the AthenaCX Dashboard. Sophie has now made this study as simple as possible for her encouraged subjects.

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