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Smarter Survey Software.

Delivering Deeper Survey Responses and Interventions through Context
What makes AthenaCX surveys so smart?

Smarter Scheduling

Timed to perfection. Notifications can adapt to the individual participant and their schedule, their convenience, their timing.

Context-Aware Data Collection

Integrate wearables to collect context during data collection or trigger surveys and interventions based on changes in collected wearable context.  

Fast, customisable, no-coding apps 

Create and distribute your app whenever and however you want using our powerful Design Studio. Link with participant panels directly or bring your own.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 15.59.57.png
Seeking a simple, secure and inexpensive solution for capturing and storing staged e-consent? AthenaConsent is the solution for you. Easily create sophisticated e-consent forms; perfect for both online and offline studies.
Don't like reading? See what we're about.

The AthenaCX Design Studio

Effortless Survey Creation. Create smart surveys in a matter of minutes using our super-quick design studio. Rapidly create and deploy complex surveys to ensure you get the best data for your discoveries.

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Smart Watch
Connect to thousands of data sources through our integration with HumanAPI. Combine your wearable data with your survey data and collect everything in one simple platform.
Not just another Survey tool. Compare with SurveyBunny
**SurveyBunny is not a real product, it is a representation of common survey solutions

Timed Surveys


Get better, more effective results by timing your surveys. Schedule surveys to be sent directly to a participant's phone.

Multiple Surveys


Have multiple connected surveys within a single project for more comprehensive data collection.

Wearables Integration


Gather a participant's wearable data and trigger surveys based directly on their activity and/or health levels.

Smart Triggering


Have a participant's answer trigger more detailed surveys for deeper, richer investigations.

App Based


Ensure your participant gets prompts as survey reminders are sent directly to their phone via notifications.


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